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About Us

About Us

Image is what your audiences perceive and remember.

Opinion is what they think. And what they say.

Can you build and protect an image without taking into account the spread of opinions?

Can you shape positive opinions without taking care of your image?

The rise of the Internet and the social media mean that today image and opinion cannot be handled separately. Never have they been more intertwined.

At Our 2 cents, our beliefs and methods are born of this vision. Using a unique approach that leverages brand values and incorporates image and opinion; we help our clients communicate more meaningfully and more consistently, which ultimately contributes to building a more enduring reputation.

Avoiding obvious, superficial solutions, we devise tailor-made campaigns that precisely meet our client's needs. More often than not, these result from lateral leaps of imagination. The ideas may be 'off-the-wall' but they're always on strategy.

We are a team of experts, and we partner with best-in-class brands to deliver exceptional solutions. Collaborating with brands we believe in, and in industries we love, makes our job fun and our client's job easy.

At Our2cents, we are focused on harnessing the unexpected. We're constantly innovating and adapting to the fast-evolving online space.

We're at the forefront of social media engagement, while never forgetting our roots in traditional public relations and marketing communications. We undertake every project in the spirit of partnership and see ourselves as an extension of your business, working tirelessly to achieve our shared outcomes.

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Our clients come from a host of different industries - hospitality, fashion, infrastructure, media, entertainment, beauty, wellness, food & drink etc. Size doesn't matter to us, it's the subject matter that gets us excited...

» Get our clients talked about
» Stop our clients being talked about

Strategic PR

Strategic PR

Connecting brands and projects with talent as well as creating commercial opportunities for a variety of clients in corporate and retail segments equally; In a time where getting the right noise and engagement with your brand/talent/product is difficult; we step into the fore to provide a fresh, strategic approach to communications, marketing (including branding, events, experiential marketing and sponsorship) and PR which focuses on delivery and exceeding expectations.

Media Management

Media Management

With an excellent understanding of the current media and digital landscape and all those that play in it; we at O2C consultancy creates and promotes activities which keep you ahead of the curve. The consultancy is flexible enough to fit into any existing PR team or lead an entire project with little supervision while delivering on time, exceeding expectations and within the budget.

Market Research & Development

Identifying new business opportunities, Identifying demand gaps and niche markets, Pre & post advertising research, research involving dealers, end users and potential customers, focus group discussions, employee training initiatives, corporate image studies, direct mailing, telemarketing, event management and dealer promotion.


  • Traditional & Digital PRTraditional & Digital PR
    Traditional &
    Digital PR
  • Seamless Audience CommunicationSeamless Audience Communication
    Seamless Audience
  • Seamless Audience CommunicationSeamless Audience Communication
  • Reputation ManagementReputation Management
  • Specialist OffersSpecialist Offers
    Integrated PR
  • Profile DevelopmentProfile Development
  • Crisis ManagementCrisis Management
  • Word of MouthWord of Mouth
    Word of
"If I was down to my last dollar, I'd spend it on public relations."
- Bill Gates - (Microsoft)

Traditional PR

  • Media Relations
  • Social Media Planning & Execution
  • Corporate Communications
  • Start-Up or Company Launches
  • Market Entry or Repositioning
  • Product Launches
  • Event Management
  • Corporate Films & Documentaries
  • Celebrity PR & Management
  • Brand Naming, Building & Promotion
  • PR Audit – Market Research & Analysis
Traditional Public Relation
Online Digital Public Relation

Online Digital PR

  • Good PR is no longer just about the print and broadcast media; blogs, social networks, online news sites and discussion forums are all playing an increasingly crucial role.
  • We put together a tailored online PR strategy to suit your business needs. We also work closely with our traditional PR experts to deliver integrated PR campaigns.
  • All our campaigns are measured throughout, so we can check we are delivering against your targets.
  • Your website is most definitely your window of opportunity and we work closely with our digital team to act as consultants, advising on website designs, SEO content generation, and increasingly powerful social media activities.

Seamless Audience Communications

We can shape conversations with your key audiences be they the general public, staff, partners, the business community, policy makers or influencers. We can redefine your existing communication & PR strategy in areas like:

  • Consumer Marketing
  • Analyst Relations
  • Policy Makers
  • Foreign Government & International Affairs
Seamless Audience Communication

Reputaion Management

It is universally acknowledged that people form an opinion about you before they even meet you, based on what they see, hear and read about you in the media. With the advance of social media and the unstoppable rise of the internet there is now a wealth of ways for people to find out about you and make their own judgment.

  • Reputaion Management
    Your reputation is the window to your shop floor, brand or personal worth and it should be your priority to maintain the reputation of you or your company through proactive media management. Control your own reputation and messaging.
  • Reputaion Management
    We work closely with our clients to ensure we develop the best reputation management strategy to deliver your message and communicate your brand to your key stakeholders.
  • Reputaion Management
    We practice an integrated approach to reputation management which covers regional and national international print media, broadcast and digital and online media. Our expert team of writers generate the very best content covering all facets from online content to expert books, at all times tapping into our knowledge of what makes a journalist tick.
  • Reputaion Management
    We ensure what's being said about you or your business online is also on message and to ensure through our experts in search engine optimization that your Google visibility is positive and optimized. Online and social media is increasingly powerful in today's world and the cumulative effect of your online reputation coupled with your offline reputation means that in today's world an integrated strategy to reputation management is essential to your success.
  • Reputaion Management
    Our integrated approach to protect your reputation ensures that whether you are a high net worth individual, a celebrity, a respected surgeon, a business manager at the top of your game, a start up business or a major league brand, our reputation management puzzle will keep you in the top position.

Specialist Offer

Specialist Offer
  • Brand Strategy & Design
  • CR+ Sustainability Communications
  • Change+ Internal Communications
  • Community Management
  • Digital Communications & PR
  • Social Media
  • Partnership Marketing
  • Sponsorship Bodyguarding
  • Media Training
  • Issues+ Crisis Management
  • Social Media + Digital Education for In-house Staff
  • Strategic Leadership + CEO communications
Integrated PR Campaigns
  • We develop and deliver an effective communications strategy whether it is through business-to-business PR, consumer PR, online PR, brand building, promotions, events – we get you the best publicity.
  • We are uniquely placed to achieve the best coverage in the print media, online media and broadcast media.
  • Our vast network of media contacts is second to none.
  • Coupled to this service is our expert ability to write your press release and communicate with the media.
  • Most press releases sent to journalists fail to contain a story.
  • You ask the journalists and broadcasters. Where do they end up – nowhere!
  • Our unique experience in the media ensures that your press release gets noticed by the person making the decisions.
  • We always identify the best story and deliver to the top.
  • We cover all aspects of PR strategy, from online reputation management to targeting your stakeholders in the most effective and noticeable manner

What We Do

We specialize in raising the media profiles of entrepreneurs and businesses, establishing them as experts in their fields and ensuring continued delivery of high profile media coverage. Our excellent contacts across the national press, business press, niche magazines, trade publications and broadcast outlets coupled with our proactive PR approach enable us to constantly deliver big results for our clients, ensuring that they are always at the forefront of their individual sectors.

We Have Expertise In

  • PR for Entrepreneurs
    Personal PR and profile raising.
  • PR for Businesses
    From start-ups to international organizations
  • Online PR
    Enhancing online presence and status
    Campaigns and Events
    Concentrated campaigns for targeted events and product launches
  • Reputation Management
    Building, enhancing and protecting your reputation
    Crisis Management
  • Brand Partnering Opportunities To secure maximum exposure for the brand, we will use our contacts to build relationships with complimenting companies, to further raise the profile amongst the right target audience.

Profile Development

Profile Development
  • We develop and deliver an effective communications strategy whether it is through business-to-business PR, consumer PR, online PR, brand building, promotions, events – we get you the best publicity.
  • We use the media to achieve the maximum publicity for you whether it is to ensure you achieve the status of captain of your industry sector, draw awareness to a campaign you feel passionately about, raise your profile to secure new advertising or television contracts, or manage your profile within a commercial or political environment.
  • In addition, we recognize that telling the story of the person behind a successful business can achieve fantastic publicity for the business itself. The human touch is all powerful.
  • We work with high profile individuals from every sector and with creativity and media intuition, successfully optimize personal profiles:
"The reputation of a thousand years may be ruined by the conduct of an hour."
- Old Japanese Proverb

Crisis Management

We provide the very best strategic and proactive assistance for any individual or company facing a crisis.

Imagining the worst is not something which you plan for on a daily basis, yet pretending it won't happen to you and failing to prepare can leave you or your company exposed to a disaster. Often it is less to do with the crisis itself and more to do with the handling of it which causes lasting damage.

Crisis Management

Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth

How to Be RecomendableOur approach to driving recommendations is rooted in fully integrated campaigns for general and Hispanic audiences. We'll work with you to create a Shareable Story map that articulates the reasons why consumers should recommend you. We'll identify the right marketing mix of paid, owned and earned channels to get your message out there. Then we'll seamlessly plan, strategize and build out your campaign. Next we'll write and design the eye-catching creative that gets customers talking and sharing. And we'll systematically measure and evolve your campaign to make sure we achieve our #1 goal for your brand: Be recommended.
Reach us soon to be recommendable!



Media Channels x

Researching, Thinking, Designing, Creating,Delivering, Measuring, Rewarding

PR today requires a multi-disciplinary approach. Your audience, business or consumer, is absorbing information from a variety of sources - traditional print and broadcast media are still in the mix, direct one to one interaction has always made a difference and over the last few years, social channels and social media PR have become increasingly important. We find your audience, identify the buttons we need to press and build a bespoke programme of activity to make sure it happens.

We link our customers to the best of world's media owners and agencies.


x Media Solution

We deliver superior quality, highly effective advertising, across all media. We excel in matching media plans to client needs and create media solutions that are creative, effective, responsible and visible. And all the work we do is more than creative - they must be measurably productive.


x Represented Media



We are always on the look out for talented people to join our team. If you're passionate about communications, have a background in public relations, marketing or events and a "can do" approach to life, do get in touch with us.

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